Free Play Area

Children get a chance to exercise their bodies and minds in our carefully designed and fully monitored free-play areas.

Free Play Area

Interactive Augmentive Climbing Wall

Our interactive climbing wall is a unique feature where  children can transform the area into whatever setting they choose, from climbing Mount Everest to a hunt in the jungle. The possibilities are endless.

Your little ones will work their core muscles and put problem solving skills to good use when they strategically plan their moves to get to the top!

The climbing wall is usually every kids' favorite activity spot at Craft & Play, and we work to ensure that the kids are always able to enjoy their time under the watchful eyes of our staff members.

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Toddlers Space

The Toddler's Space is a safe and nurturing area designed specifically to give toddlers access a safe and enjoyable work environment.

Our expert staff is always monitoring the toddlers to make sure that they are having a safe and enjoyable experience at all times.

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Gym Cube

The Gym Cube is a safe and sophisticated play area that gives little ones the chance to roll, swing and jump around to their hearts' content.

Created with special attention to ensuring child safety at all times, the Gym Cube is one of our most well-loved attractions at Craft & Play.

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